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Trace Logging in OCS 2007 and Communicator 2007 (*.ETL files)

In earlier versions of OCS i.e. LCS 2005 flat file logging was used and requested by OCS support engineers to troubleshoot issues. With OCS 2007 release flat file logging has been replaced by ETL logging. ETL refers to Event Trace Log. ETL log files cannot natively be read by humans. In practice you need to send them to Microsoft, they would then convert it and diagnose the problem.

However OCS server ships a tool called OCSLogger.exe, this is located in program files\common files\Office Communication Server 2007\tracing - folder. This tool not only allows you to generate log files but also converts them to text files which you can use to troubleshoot issues. OCSLogger.exe also allows you to customize a number of logging options like specifying file size, implement filters, generate Level 4 flat files etc...

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