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Adding custom menu items to Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 menus

You can add your own customized menu items to a number of menus in Microsoft Office Communicator. Office Communicator will launch your application and pass the SipUri of logged in user and selected users when the custom menu item is selected.
 Custom menu items can be added to:
 1. Office Communicator main window
 2. Main window right click popup menu
 3. Main window actions menu
 4. Conversation window
 5. Conversation window right click popup menu
 6. Conversation window actions menu
 Steps for adding custom menu items are as follows:
 1. Create the following registry entry:
     HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Communicator\SessionManager\Apps\[GUID of Application]
 2.Add the following keys to the above-mentioned entry:
     Name (Type:REG_SZ) to specify menu caption
     ApplicationType (Type:DWORD), value can be either 0 (if application is executable) or 1 (if application is protocol)
     Path (Type:REG_SZ) to specify full path to the executable
     SessionType (Type: DWORD), value can be 0 (for local session), 1 (this is default for two party session) or 2 (for multi-party session)
     ExtensibleMenu (Type:REG_SZ), value can be MainWindowActions, MainWindowRightClick (this is default value), ConversationWindowActions, ConversationWindowContextual (this is the default value) and ConversationWindowRightClick. Multiple values can be specified separated by semi-colons

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