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Running multiple instances of IBM Lotus Sametime Connect 7.5.1

This article specifies the steps which will allow you to run multiple instances of Sametime Connect client.
 To run multiple instances of Sametime Connect 7.5.1 you will need to take following steps:
 Step1: Install Sametime Connect Client
 Step2: Copy the directory in which you installed Connect Client to another location
 Step3: Edit the sametime.ini using any text editor. Edit the sametime.ini located in the directory in which you copied the Connect client
 Step4: You will need to edit the highlighted text:
 D:/IBM/Sametime Connect/jre/bin/sametime75
 -Djava.home=D:/IBM/Sametime Connect/jre
 -Djava.library.path=D:/IBM/Sametime Connect/native

Specify a new directory for @user.home parameter, update the values for -Djava.home and -Djava.library.path based on directory location in which the Sametime Connect client was copied.

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