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News Buzz (Updated December 11, 2008)

Verizon Business identifies trends for 2009
The Times, December 11, 2008
Verizon Business has identified 10 business technology trends to help corporate and government IT leaders to do more with less.
The Top 12 Web Conferencing Vendors
Inside CRM, Dec 9, 2008
These 12 solutions, both the leading and the up-and-coming vendors in the Web conferencing industry, are a good place to start.
Unified Communications Hurdles Still in Play
Internet News (subscription), December 10, 2008
Unified communications adoption remains at a snail's pace and the latest deployment results aren't likely to spur stronger growth any time soon.
IBM launches Web Conferencing Service
VNUNet.com, December 10, 2008
The company is launching a new version of the Lotus Sametime Unyte service. The web-based application allows users to set up conferences over the web.
Startup Offers Ad-supported Unified Communications Software
PC World, December 9, 2008
New York startup has launched an ad-supported Linux-based unified communications software suite aimed at competing with Microsoft and IBM in the small and mid-sized business market.
Skype Partners with Ukraine Bank
VoIP-News, December 8, 2008
Skype users in the Ukraine will have easier access to Skype’s range of Skype communication services. The two have created a co-branded version of Skype.
FaceTime Application Detection Raises Stakes in Network Security
MarketWatch, December 8, 2008
At its core, ACE is the technology that sets FaceTime's award-winning Unified Security Gateway appliance apart from all other network security appliances.

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