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News Buzz (Updated August 8, 2008)

Making IM services play well together
Myrtle Beach Sun News, August 8, 2008
Instant-messaging programs, once the snobby little kids of the online communication world, have had to learn to play well with others.
Frontier Communications Launches New Home Page
Trading Markets (press release), August 8, 2008
Frontier Communications, a rural local exchange carrier, announced the launch of a new co-branded personalized home page with online services, search capabilities and content selections.
Saving money with VoIP: A Guide to the best Services
PC World Magazine, August 8, 2008
The proprietary system that everyone has come to love, Skype is an easy option. It's easily accessible, has a wide user base and there are a number of compatible dedicated and dual-mode VoIP phones.
Twittd.NodeHub.com - Twitter Through IM
Killer Startups, August 7, 2008
Twitter might have slept on the concept, but the folks over at Twittd.nodehub.com have come up with the way to let you twit while you are chatting with your friends.
CallWave Acquires WebMessenger
IT Business Net, August 7, 2008
CallWave, Inc., a leading provider of Internet and mobile-based unified communications solutions, today announced that it has acquired WebMessenger, Inc., a privately held enterprise mobile messaging software and services company, for $9.0 million in cash.
Attractive UC soln for SMBs
CIOL, August 6, 2008
Objectworld Communications Corp., today announced the industry's widest support for multiple PBX and unified messaging systems integrated with its award-winning Objectworld Unified Communication (UC) Server software.
IBM and friends promise "Microsoft-free" desktops for worldwide market
iTWire, August 6, 2008
The move puts even more pressure on Microsoft, already under siege from competitors such as Apple, Google and Mozilla, which continue to erode its market share in strategic areas.
Batelco Introduces Cisco Technology
Gulf Weekly, August 6, 2008
Batelco announced the launch of Cisco Unified Communication, a unified communications solution designed for small to medium enterprises (SMEs).
Six degrees of Instant Messaging
Christian Science Monitor, August 5, 2008
With 30 billion instant messages sent by 180 million people in June 2006, Microsoft found that the average social chain between two strangers is only 6.6 steps.
IBM counters Microsoft's software seat-stealing boast
PC World Magazine, August 4, 2008
IBM/Lotus hit back at Microsoft's boast that it plans to steal 5 million Notes customers this year by detailing a new 300,000-seat licensing deal with an Asian company and strong interest in Notes from emerging markets.
Why the epic fail at Twitter.com will be a major win
PC World Magazine, August 4, 2008
Anyway, it's a more immediate connection than FaceBook, cooler than IM, and will be around for a while.
Microsoft Instant Messaging Study Heavily Misinterpreted
eFluxMedia, August 3, 2008
Microsoft researchers looked at data from the company's MSN Messenger instant messaging system and found out that, on average, people were separated by 6.6 other people.

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