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News Buzz (Updated July 25, 2008)

Microsoft wants to Steal 5 million Notes Customers
Australian Techworld, July 25, 2008
Microsoft is seeking to get five million Lotus Notes customers to make the switch to Microsoft's collaboration tools in its fiscal 2009 year, according to Kevin Turner, COO for the software giant.
The Twitter Follower Fail Whale Fiasco
TECH.BLORGE.com, July 25, 2008
It can survive down time, turning replies off and on, losing instant messaging for a while, losing the With Friends tab, and more.
Microsoft to launch UC Competency Partner Program
ARNnet, July 25, 2008
Microsoft has announced plans to rollout a new Unified Communications program as its Office Communications Server 2007 platform attracts more specialist partners.
Big Plans, Obstacles for Mozilla Thunderbird
Internet News, July 24, 2008
Firefox and Thunderbird both originated in the 2003 breakup of the original Mozilla Suite, which contained both e-mail and browser functionality.
AppsWave.com - Web Conferencing Solution
Killer Startups, July 24, 2008
AppsWave is a robust web-conferencing solution that for a small fee, allows businesses to communicate with multipoint audio and video, instant messaging, and through application and desktop sharing.
Skype: you can check in - but you can never leave
National Business Review, July 24, 2008
Users of the popular Skype technology may be disconcerted to learn that they are unable to delete their account.
IBM/Lotus Sharpens Weapon for Unified Communications Battle
CIO, July 23, 2008
IBM/Lotus is banking on the integration of its Sametime platform and collaboration software with tools from telephony partners to fuel its climb up the ranks of unified communications contenders.
EMC’s Flagship Document Software Wakes Up to Web 2.0
Xconomy, July 22, 2008
It’s pitching the improvements as a way for companies to tap into the innovative spirit of the Web 2.0 world without giving up control over security and workflow.
Unified Communications trigger data leakage dangers, survey finds
SearchVoIP, July 22, 2008
Many fear that sensitive company data could be difficult to control when email, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and instant messages meld with collaboration systems, multimedia services and transactional systems.
Loop Mobile Signs Agreement with USA’S Advanced 3G Mobile Network ...
Computerworld Australia, July 21, 2008
Its members are focused on mobile and exceed industry averages for use of text messages, instant messaging, web access via the mobile and photo sharing.
Twitter's Growing Pains
MIT Technology Review, July 21, 2008
The company has avoided detailing timing or technical specifics. But cofounder Biz Stone said in an e-mail interview last week that the changes are under way, and that users should already be benefiting from the results.
UC Gaining Traction in Asia
SDA Asia Magazine, July 21, 2008
The report highlighted that managers across AP are keen to deploy UC in their operations, with video conferencing and mobility being the top two capabilities being considered.
British business not getting the IM message
DaniWeb, July 20, 2008
According to IM services provider ProcessOne a staggering 72 percent of UK businesses have banned the use of IM software such as MSN and AIM citing security fears as the main reason.

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