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News Buzz (Updated August 4, 2007)

People Power Takes on Google
Telegraph.co.uk, August 4, 2007
The latest addition to the team at Wikia Search is the creator of Jabber, an open protocol that lets users of different instant messaging applications talk to each other.
FMC Product Adds Windows Mobile 6
WindowsForDevices, August 3, 2007
FirstHand Technologies has announced fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) software said to integrate Windows Mobile 6 smartphones into enterprise PBX infrastructures, with or without WiFi.
Cool Web Apps for Everyone
Webware/Cnet, August 3, 2007
Amid the growing group of instant-messaging solutions for the IM-less iPhone, Mundu (a Webware 100 winner) has just released a new contender that handles four of the most popular chatting protocols with a fantastic interface.
Net Effect: The word is out on Web-based IM
Hollywood Reporter, August 4, 2007
As instant messaging has become ubiquitous, online programs facilitating that form of communication have seen sizable increases in the past year, particularly Meebo.
Business Objects tries Web 2.0, gets Mixed Reviews
InfoWorld, August 3, 2007
Others include the Business Objects Masher for combining online services, and BI Collaborator, a plug-in for Windows Live Messenger that lets users chat and exchange BI data through instant messaging.
PhotoWorks Introduces 'Live Chat' Instant Messaging for Customer ...
PR-GB.com, August 3, 2007
PhotoWorks is the first major photo site to allow users to work on projects while simultaneously benefiting from the assistance and expertise of a dedicated customer service team.
WorkLight and Dapper Bring Together the First Secure Mashup of ...
JavaScriptSearch, August 3, 2007
WorkLight™, an Enterprise 2.0 company, and Dapper, a web-based service that allows anyone to build an information feed or an programmatic interface (API) for any website, today announced a partnership that enables organizations to freely mix web content with protected enterprise application data.
I'm Initiative Produces 25% Growth for Windows Live Messenger
LiveSide, August 3, 2007
So if charity giving can work for instant messaging, maybe it can work for Search too. Microsoft tried it before with the "click4thecause" program, however this suggests they should give it another go and take it completely mainstream.
P2P Brings New Security Issues To An SME
Processor.com, August 3, 2007
And as he points out, “The only peer-to-peer application that should be used in business is a type of IM [instant messaging] communication. ...
One Voice Announces Distribution Agreement with Navarre
Business Wire, August 2, 2007
One Voice Technologies, Inc. developer of 4th Generation voice solutions for the Telecom and Interactive Multimedia markets, announced today that One Voice has signed a distribution agreement with Navarre Corporation for One Voice’s Media Center Communicator™ voice recognition for Windows Vista Media Center.
GSS and 3n Announce Groundbreaking Emergency Communication Partnership
Market Wire, August 2, 2007
The 3n mass notification system enables one person, with just one call, to communicate with ten or tens of thousands of people anywhere, anytime, and on any device -- including phone (land line, mobile, and satellite), fax, computer, PDA, and pager -- using voice and text communications (such as email, SMS, and Instant Messenger).
A Wi-Fi GoogleTalk Phone Perhaps?
VoIP News Australia, August 2, 2007
Skype accessories have been all the rage over the last 12 months, but there's another Voice over Instant Messaging platform that's been sadly ignored.
Pidgin 2.1.0 released
Ars Technica, August 1, 2007
Pidgin 2.1.0, which includes a number of compelling user interface improvements, has officially been released.
UnWired Nation Unveils Voice Publishing Platform, Removing Carrier ...
Business Wire, August 1, 2007
Text-based messaging has to date been the primary vehicle for mobile, outbound communications between businesses and consumers, leaving voice as a largely untapped medium.
QUALCOMM and Exoteq Sign OFDM/OFDMA License Agreement
CNNMoney.com, August 1, 2007
With this agreement, we are able to offer mobile VoIP, broadband Internet, email, instant messaging and streaming video and music on demand through our first product, the Exoteq Meos mobile broadband handset.
Gain an Insight into Mobile Messaging Business and Technology
Business Wire, August 1, 2007
More advanced topics are also addressed including SMS spoofing, Digital Rights Management (DRM), Unified Messaging (UM), and MMS interoperability. The publication also compares and contrasts SMS vs. MMS vs. e-mail are MMS vs. Instant Messaging (IM).
IBM Lotus Sametime Meeting Processing Cross Site Scripting ...
FrSIRT, August 1, 2007
A vulnerability has been identified in IBM Lotus Sametime, which could be exploited by attackers to execute arbitrary scripting code.
Microsoft Announces Huge Unified Comms Take-Up
Telappliant, August 1, 2007
Software giant Microsoft has announced some 430,000 licences have been handed out for its unified communications (UC) products, developed jointly with Nortel.
Verizon puts Price on Collaboration
TelephonyOnline, July 31, 2007
Company has teamed with Frost & Sullivan to offer a new tool that will help businesses determine how well their employees collaborate.
Software Offers Mobile Enterprise Collaboration.
ThomasNet Industrial News Room, July 31, 2007
Information Anywhere Mobile IM provides secure instant messaging and presence capabilities to mobile workers. It includes message routing and compatibility with IM and email auditing and archiving systems, ensuring security and complying with industry regulations.
FaceTime Announces Compliance and Management for Microsoft Office ...
SourceWire, July 31, 2007
FaceTime Communications, the leading provider of solutions for securing and managing IM, P2P and Web-based greynets, today announced support for Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 with its IMAuditor for OCS.
IBM Shows Off Web 2.0 Stuff with Lotus Quickr
IT Jungle, July 31, 2007
Lotus Quickr is a new product designed to allow business users to share their documents and collaborate in the creation of content and its ongoing editing and distribution.
Office Communications Server 2007 Hits Production
ZDNet Asia, July 31, 2007
Office Communications Server and Office Communicator are two of the largest components of Microsoft's convergence strategy.
Boldchat Live Chat Solution Best at Facilitating Online ...
PR Newswire, July 30, 2007
"Our product can be adapted to existing business processes in minutes," said Matt Tharp, Director of Sales and Marketing for Bravestorm. "Boldchat simply offers capabilities that other companies charge 2, 5 or 10 times more for."
Telecom Leader Joins Talkster as President
American Digital Networks, July 30, 2007
Mobile communications company Talkster Inc. (www.Talkster.com) today announced the appointment of Jim Ferguson as the company's new president.
Akonix Finds 20 Malicious Code Attacks In July
SDA India Magazine, July 30, 2007
Akonix Systems Inc., a provider of instant messaging security and compliance products, said that its IM Security Centre researchers have tracked 20 malicious code attacks over IM networks in July.

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