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News Buzz (Updated June 23, 2007)

At Procter & Gamble, The Good And Bad Of Web 2.0 Tools
InformationWeek, June 23, 2007
P&G laid plans for a Microsoft-centric collaboration initiative, with instant messaging, unified communications, and presence using Live Communications Server; Web conferencing with Live Meeting; and content management and collaboration via SharePoint.
Messaging: India Leads the Way
Economic Times, June 23, 2007
While China leads the way with 72.3% of blog readers, India is high as far as the use of instant messengers go with an impressive 72% of the Indian population hooked onto it.
Winners of the BREW Developer Awards at BREW 2007 Conference Honored
HULIQ, June 22, 2007
The Best Community Application category also was updated to include BREW applications designed to encourage social networking or improve communications, such as blogging, e-mail, instant messaging or image sharing.
Most Workers to Favour IM as Comms Tool by 2013
IT PRO, June 22, 2007
Instant messaging (IM) is becoming increasingly critical as a business tool and by 2013 almost all workers (95 per cent) will be using it as their primary technology tool for real-time communication, claims analyst Gartner.
Jaiku Launches a Tool for Blogging
Inside Bay Area, June 22, 2007
Jaiku can also be used on BlackBerries or devices with the Windows Mobile operating system. People post to Jaiku using the Web from their computer or, on a mobile device, by instant messaging or text messaging.
Instant Messaging 'will be All-Pervasive' in Business Within Six Years
ComputerworldUK, June 22, 2007
Instant messaging will become a de facto tool for business chat by the end of 2011 with 95% of workers using it as their primary communication interface by 2013, analysts have predicted.
Fring Comes to Windows Mobile
TrustedReviews, June 22, 2007
All fring's features will be available to the smartphone brigade (probably the audience it should have gone for first in all honesty) meaning MSN/Google/Skype compatible VoIP calls and instant messaging.
The Definitive Guide to Joost: Channels, Features, Hacks, and How ...
Daily IPTV, June 22, 2007
Instant Messaging: Sign in to your Gmail or Jabber account and chat with your friends through Joost. You can elect to show what you're watching, so you can discuss what's happening on what you're currently viewing.
Nortel Introduces Advanced SIP Applications for Businesses and Consumers
TMCnet, June 21, 2007
The applications can combine multiple networks such as wireline, wireless or cable and IP-based communications – email, video, web-based services, instant messaging. These capabilities help users communicate and collaborate with greater ease, flexibility and efficiency.
More IBM Collaboration Tools; This Time from Lotus
Dr. Dobb's Journal, June 21, 2007
At the heart of Quickr are "connectors" -- mini-applications that integrate Quickr capabilities with other everyday applications. For example, users can easily access designated content directly from IBM Lotus Notes, Lotus Sametime, Microsoft Windows Explorer, and Microsoft Office software and store it within a Quickr shared library.
Nortel Presses Unified Communications
TMC Net, June 21, 2007
The Nortel-IBM System i Unified Communications solution will combine IBM’s System i business computing platform and the IBM Lotus Sametime unified communications and collaboration platform with Nortel’s VoIP and multimedia solutions. The resulting Unified Communications solution will run on a single system.
Gartner: IM will rule the Communication Space
MyADSL, June 21, 2007
For many knowledge workers, instant messaging (IM) is as critical as having access to a telephone or to e-mail and enterprises that haven’t already done so should start incorporating IM into their critical business processes immediately, Gartner said today.
Collanos Showcases Unified Team Collaboration at Enterprise 2.0
Business Portal 24, June 21, 2007
At the Enterprise 2.0 Launch Pad, Collanos will preview its new integrated communications services allowing team members to collaborate via voice and video in addition to conversation threads, instant messaging, and notes.
Microsoft, IBM Feel Heat from Google Apps
LinuxWorld.au, June 21, 2007
IBM, which offers the Lotus Notes set of e-mail, calendaring and collaborative applications, and Lotus Sametime, an IM and Web conferencing tool, has partnered with Google but still sees the company as a potential competitor. Lotus Sametime allows IM customers to communicate with users of Google Talk.
MSN Gains Market Share by Walking into Schools
China Knowledge Online, June 21, 2007
Although QQ, the instant messaging platform of Tencent Holdings Ltd <700>, is leading in the instant communication industry in China, MSN is catching up fast. MSN has a significant standing among white collared worker.
MySpace Launches Instant Messaging
Sydney Morning Herald, June 20, 2007
MySpace on Wednesday officially launched an instant messaging service customized for users of the teen-oriented social networking website.
IBM Lotus Domino Installed Base Projected to Be 112 Million ...
Marketwire, June 20, 2007
The Radicati Group covers all aspects of email security, email archiving, regulatory compliance, wireless technologies, web services, identity management, instant messaging, unified communications, VoIP, and more.
Parlano Announces New Compliance and Ethical Walls Capabilities ...
Earthtimes.org, June 20, 2007
Parlano's MindAlign solutions deliver instant, intelligent and persistent group and topic-based messaging to securely connect employees, customers and partners with the right people, information and context to execute business processes more efficiently.
IBM and KANA Study Shows Untapped Potential for US Financial ...
Business Wire, June 20, 2007
As a result, integrated online channel development – including new Web 2.0 technologies such as instant messaging and blogs – is most often piloted versus rapid implementation across the enterprise.
Consumerization of IT is a Major Threat to Enterprise Security
CRM Today, June 20, 2007
IM also continues to rise in popularity, and usage may actually exceed e-mail usage with younger generations. New services and technologies, such as Skype, video chat and collaborative workspaces, are becoming more common, even among less-technical employees.
mobilkom austria Launched Mobile MSN and ICQ on Ogo in Austria
netPR.pl, June 20, 2007
To cater to this need mobilkom austria offers Ogo for 9.90 Euro a month including unlimited instant messaging, emails and browsing on Vodafone live!
Additional Changes Expected at Yahoo
Akron Beacon Journal, June 20, 2007
Global Equities Research analyst Trip Chowdhry thinks Yahoo eventually will sell off major chunks of its operations, including e-mail, instant messaging, finance and its photo-sharing service Flickr.
IBM, Microsoft Show Web 2.0 Wares
eWeek, June 19, 2007
At the Enterprise 2.0 conference in Boston on June 19, IBM is launching its version of collaborative Web-based technology designed to access the individual and collective wisdom of professionals so that it can be shared with others in the enterprise world, the company said.
IM+ for Skype Software: BlackBerry, Palm, Symbian, Java Phones ...
Earthtimes.org, June 19, 2007
SHAPE's flagship IM+ Mobile Instant Messenger supports public and corporate IM systems: Skype, MSN/Live Messenger, AIM/iChat, Yahoo!, Jabber, ICQ, Google Talk, MySpace, Microsoft LCS, Lotus Sametime, Reuters Messaging and Oracle IM on Blackberry RIM, Symbian…
IBM software offers workplace networking
Boston Herald, June 19, 2007
IBM is hoping to transform social networking from playtime phenomenon to workplace habit. Big Blue today releases a suite of software - primarily developed in the Bay State - called Lotus Connections and Lotus Quickr.  
IBM Taps Nortel for Entry-Level System i VoIP Solution
IT Jungle, June 19, 2007
That means features like click-to-call, click-to-message, and other capabilities delivered through integration with Lotus Notes desktop, the Sametime 7.5.1 instant messaging client, LDAP, and other products--most notably the Notes/Domino version 8 products, which are due out soon.
Frost & Sullivan: Unified Communications sees strong adoption in ...
Computerworld Australia, June 19, 2007
UC encompasses all the features that are associated with unified messaging, speech technologies, presence, video, audio and web conferencing and collaboration solutions. UC allows users to access real time information and communications via a plethora of devices and tools at the desktop.
Microsoft Woos Telecom With IPTV Sandbox
InformationWeek, June 18, 2007
Microsoft's Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) software update, unveiled on Monday at the NXTcomm 2007 conference in Chicago, is just one of many products designed for telecom carriers to deliver next-generation services. The company's Connected Services Sandbox includes combining voice, e-mail, instant-messaging, mapping, and search.
iChat for the iPhone Available Now
iPhone Matters, June 18, 2007
According to the post on The Apple Press, this is just a 10 minute demo but this certainly keeps me optimistic that I can get instant messaging immediately: instead of waiting for Apple to get their act together.
Symantec bundles archiving and security
Infostor magazine, June 18, 2007
Symantec has integrated its archiving and security technologies for e-mail, instant messaging, and Web traffic in a single suite aimed at preventing data loss, securing corporate communications, and speeding the eDiscovery process.
Microsoft Shows Off the Toys in Its Sandbox
Earthtimes.org, June 18, 2007
Call-back, routing and log services with instant messaging -- Buddy finder service. A value-added service that allows users to locate their buddy with their mobile phone -- Service provider tools.
Software Enables Communication over Voice, Video, and IM.
ThomasNet, June 18, 2007
Bria 2.0 combines voice and video calling, IM (Instant Messaging) and presence management in a visually appealing and versatile desktop communications application.
Siemens and AtHoc, Inc. Announce Strategic Collaboration to ...
Business Wire, June 18, 2007
The AtHoc IWSAlerts system uses network IP communications to send tens of thousands of tailored mass alerts to any network-connected delivery device – including desktops, laptops, cell phones, PDAs, phones, sirens and public announcement systems – in minutes. Recipients can receive alerts in multiple formats, including text messages, phone calls, emails and Instant Messaging.
Network General Incorporates Unified Communications Into IT ...
Business Wire, June 18, 2007
Companies are evolving VoIP deployments by adding Unified Communications, such as integrated messaging, conferencing and video services over IP. With the addition of these new applications, IT departments are finding that their IT environments are becoming increasingly complex, as each new service often comes with unique management tools.


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